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How does a private lesson work?

Private lessons are the most economomical way for you to improve your dancing. Each lesson takes a one-on-one approach, where you receive personalized feedback to help you achieve your specific dance goals. We understand that every person learns differently and has individual priorities, which is why we work constantly to provide you with particularly tailored tools to hone your technique, elucidate your movements, and master important skills. Through the judicious use of regular privates, you can monitor your progress and ask clarifying questions to ensure you are on track toward meeting your goals.

In a private lesson, you will be empowered to take control of your learning. You will be asked to provide your own input and direction so that we can give you the exact results you are looking for. To get the most out of private lessons, you are encouraged to bring camcorders and notebooks. Up to four students (typically two couples) may take a private. Group rates greater than four students may be negotiated, just ask!

In order to support regular check-ups on our students, we offer privates in 30 minute increments, starting at 30 minutes. Furthermore, we give significant discounts when students purchace 4+ hours to be used within two months. We also recognize the importance of finding the right private instructor for you; thus, new students recieve a 25% discount on their first hour.

Privates are taught wherever space can be arranged. This may be in your private home, our house, or at a studio. Studio fees, if applicable will need be covered by the student.


Base Rate:

One instructor
$60 / hour
Elena and Joseph
$100 / hour

You may recieve a discounted rate if you purchase 4+ hours to be used within 2 months:

One instructor
$50 / hour
Elena and Joseph
$80 / hour

We are also open to work trade offers. Privates may be purchased in intervals of 30 minutes with a minumum of 30 minutes. Rates for groups greater than four students may be negotiated by contacting us.

Scheduling a private

To schedule a private, please send an e-mail to Please include your name, phone number, as well as dates, times, and locations which work for you. You may check our calendar to see if there are any conflicts. If you have a preference for a specific instructor or both, please make that known.