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About Dance Bombers

Dance Bombers is comprised of Elena Potapchuk and Joseph Liu. Our mission is to bring the art of social partner dancing to people of all ages. Our goal is to create a culture where going out dancing is as common as going out to the movies.

Currently we offer classes, private lessons, and workshops in dance technique, with an emphasis on Blues dance aesthetic. Please check our classes, privates, and calendar for more information.

Elena Potapchuk

Elena has been dancing since the age of five, when she enrolled in a ballroom school in Russia. Although she spent class time hiding from the ruthless Soviet instructor, she and dance reconciled ere too long. Throughout primary school and college, Elena studied movement through hip-hop and tap dance, and achieved a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. In 2008, upon returning from a year of step and Sean Nós dancing in Ireland, Elena was thrown into the world of partner dance, and her life was changed forever.

Elena discovered her calling in Blues Dance, because through it she first unearthed the complex layers of movement and partner connection fueled by the soulful stratification of Blues music. Elena continues to take classes in multiple solo and partner dance styles, and draws information from yoga, martial arts, and the Franklin Method, striving to craft an ever-evolving model of graceful and natural movement through profound body awareness. She hopes to pass on the joy and freedom of one of the earliest forms of human expression.

Elena balances dance with drawing, writing, running, singing, and taking long walks in the hills. She is an enthusiast of myth and fantasy, and takes pleasure in the poignancy of Irish culture, frequently attending music sessions at the local pub and playing her pennywhistle. She pays for her dancing with a day job as a neuroscience researcher in San Francisco.

Joseph Liu

Joseph Liu has been dancing all his life. He started dancing East Coast Swing in high school and dabbled in International Ballroom Dancing in college. His fierce passion for dancing was ignited on April 2nd, 2009. On that date he jumped into his first Camp Blues. Lacking any prior experience in Blues Dancing, he struggled with the material but discovered the expressiveness, gracefulness and musicality which is embodied in all dances.

Currently, Joseph seeks to learn everything he can on social partner dancing and develop a cohesive theory which can be applied to all partner dancing. He aims to spread the love of dance and believes that dancing is one of the universal form of human expression that everyone understands. Joseph is inspired by Etienne Cakpo, Fred Astaire, La La La Human Steps, Michael Jackson, and NappyTabs.

When he is not dancing, Joseph enjoys dabbling in programming and feeds his technogeek side. He infrequently blogs about his passions. He also harbors a secret passion for Starcraft 2 and day[9].